Write Inspiring Music

Impact people through your music with Song Joust. Focus on your niche by thinking about people who will be positively influenced by your music.

Make a Simple Recording

No need to spend thousands of dollars in a recording studio. Record your music/music video or song idea using a free streaming service like Sound Cloud or other similar app.

Send us a link to music

Once you've got your song idea recorded, message us a link to your song, and we will stream it out to our network of people interested in discovering inspiring music and inspirational artists.

Impact People With Music

If you want to share your musical talents or your love of writing with others in a way that facilitates positive change we want to help you. We believe that music has the ability to motivate people to live their best life, to get them through difficult times, and to inspire them to change the world.

Our mission is to work with music creators that share these same goals. We believe the stories being told behind the music are the most important part of any any song. We also don't believe music has to have thousands of dollars in professional recording invested to create value. We want to help you get your music out in its raw form to start collecting feedback and impact people as quickly as possible. Simply message us a link to your music on Sound Cloud or other similar app and we will start sending it out to our network.


Next Steps...

Just send us a link to your music or short-song on Sound Cloud or other similar app and we will start sharing it with our network .