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All songs uploaded to this site must meet FCC regulations, meaning any material in the song that is not suitable to be played on the radio must be omitted. We have this policy so that any song can be taken directly from our site and played by radio stations without further editing. All other materials submitted to this site including but not limited to video and written material must be appropriate for all ages. This site does not allow content that is explicit in nature. This includes but is not limited to content that consists of obscenity, indecency, profanity, or content that promotes unreasonable acts of violence. We reserve the right to remove any content submitted to this site at any time without notifying the party responsible for submitting the material. Any content that we consider to be inappropriate will be removed from this site. This includes but is not limited to songs, videos, and comments. While it is not required that songs, videos, pictures, and other content be done professionaly, all content must be of a certain quality. If content does not meet the quality standards determined solely by the website it may be declined and/or removed from the website. Instrumentals are not allowed on this site. All songs in this contest must contain lyrics and vocals.

By using this site to display audio, video, written material, or content of any kind you are agreeing that you have the legal right to display such content. If you are not the musician who created the song or that musician's agent, do not upload it. Even if you lawfully own a copy of the music (for example, you bought the CD or downloaded it from an internet service), this does not give you permission to upload the music to If you violate this rule, your song may be removed. By submitting material to the site you agree that submitted material, or portions thereof, may be used in promotional material by Song Joust LLC. By submitting material to the site you agree to be held entirely responsible for any legal costs associated with submitting content that you did not create or did not have the legal right to submit to this site, if you are determined responsible for doing so.

It is generally our desire to work with artists to make their content appropriate for our site, however we posses the right to remove any content submitted to this website for any reason without notifying the party responsible for submitting the material. Any material that we find to be in conflict with our Terms of Use will be removed and will possibly prohibit that user from working with Song Joust Records at any point in the future. All decisions regarding contest winners as well as any other function of the website will be solely determined by Song Joust LLC and will be considered final. Song Joust LLC reserves the right to represent and/or sponsor any person or group of persons as it desires regardless of whether the person or group has won a contest. All terms of any recording contract or record deal awarded to any artist is completly determined by Song Joust LLC, and terms may vary per artist and/or per contest. A winner must receive at least 15,000 votes in the finals of the National Contest to be offered a record deal. However, Song Joust LLC reserves the right to offer a record deal to a winner receiving less than 15,000 votes. Song Joust LLC reserves the right to make any modifactions to the website or the rules to any contests or functions hosted by the website at any time without supplying notification to anyone.

Privacy Policy
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