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Why am I having trouble submitting my song?
Our song submission form will accept files up to 14 mb in file size. The submission form will accept almost all common image file types and audio file types. If you are uncertain of whether your format will be accepted you can be safe by converting all image files to .jpg and all audio files to .mp3.

How do I know if the content of my song is appropriate or not?
A large part of our decision in deciding whether content is appropriate for this site is based on the regulations of the FCC. If we determine that the song’s lyrics or general message of the song would make it difficult for us to promote to radio stations the song is not appropriate for this site. As a general rule, if in doubt don’t submit it.

Am I obligated to take part in a record deal if I win the competition?
No, you are under no obligation to accept any terms that we might propose. We only award record deals to certain contests and always announce these contests in advance.

How do I submit my song for the College Contest?
The College Contest is only open to artists that have been selected by their university to represent the university in this contest. Each university may only submit one artist, and that artist may only submit one song for this contest. This contest is no longer accepting song submissions for this year.

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