Really you're great.
I saw these guys live and they put on a GREAT show. Very powerful stuff.
not bad at all good job guys
not bad
Nice sound guys!!! More!!!
nicely done Punk!
Excellent work tight & crisp! Come to CO & give us a show please coz I'm diggin both the rhythm section and the leads!
Nice work Punk!
I knew from the beginning that these guys would win the Purdue Battle now let's hope they win the national one! Awesome musicianship by the way.
Awesome Song :D
love the song punk hope u go all the way man
very nice free cd's for all of us? lol i really enjoyed it punk!
lZTn0T nk]
Nice work fellas. Keep it up.
Awesome stuff guys good luck with the album
The Monkeys are behind you ;)
Rock on most excellent Pur-dudes hehe me likey [RIP]Swiss Chz
Powerful words - & I can dance to it!!!