You guys freakin' rock!!
not bad...this was MUCH harder/epic live at the battle especially with that solo intro
You guys well deserved the win your music blew the competition out of the water.
I agree with below. The recording sounds great but you need to experience Collusion live. Then it will melt your face.
You guys killed the other bands...well deserved! Good luck! PS loved the behind the back guitar trick
Amazing band
This song of luck
You guys are such sex. Especially that Rich guy..mmmm. And Jonny too...mmmm. They look so good in Hawks jerseys.....mmmmmmm.
I'll do anything for "my buddy Johnny"
This is amazing!
Johnny . . . Congrats! Wish I could have been there to see it live! (T.I.S. Love don't tell me you have forgotten me already!) - Danielle
Awesome song
lovin rich's hair can spot him from a mile away
Awesome job boys! I hope you guys get it!
not bad. you guys r pritty good
Rock On!
I had never heard of you guys before but after listening to you it sounds great!! :)
Good work Rich wish i could have stay longer to jam...
Nice work all the way around - Mike V.
Awesome job!! You guys sound great.Upload a video of the band!!!!
dearest fans: you're all beyond amazing for this unselfish support and all of our fans are remembered. We tried uploading a video of another song and quick intros of the band members but the site rejected our content. It can be found at or directly¤t=Collusion.flv¤t=Collusion.flv that funky alien sun symbol in the broken link should've read 'view & current' no spaces ..keep it rockin' in the free world.. -Collusion (
I have been listening to Collusion for a while now.. I knew this band sounds awesome and has what it takes.. Rich V. what can I say your the best what talent.. Rich R. keeo up the good work your awesome. Congrats Collusion !!!
Totally totally awesome!!
xgXNLw nk]
i just added you on myspace...i just want to say you boys are amazing!!~ Jeny
Good luck guys! Love the song!!!