From an adult fan! Talent all over and great music I will be buying any music these folks have to offer. JB
Awesome! I've never heard this group before and I love it!
good job griffen and erin and everyone in the band.
best band in Iowa!!!! we love you!
I love Chad Knight.
wow this band is weally good!
Ya'll put on an excellent show on Friday. This song was amazing when you played it! See ya on the ped mall River! -Steve
Saw you at VEISHEA you guys are awesome!
i found them on itunes! i love their song "virginia" too!
Totes my goats you guys are amazing!
i <3 you guys
was there from the beginning! so proud of you guys keep going strong!
Thanks for the excellent live show. BTW Moondog in Dubuque needs some more CDs.
tasty tasty jazz
Heard you guys by chance walking through Iowa City.. amazing sound! Will definitely continue listening keep up the amazing music :)
you guys are awesome! saw you at riverfest this weekend bought a c.d. LOVE IT...hope to see you play again good luck!
You guys are great. good job
Thanks for listening everyone! We really appreciate all of your support. Tell your friends and keep listening. -River and the Tributaries
You guys are truly talented musicians and amazing performers. Best of luck and hope to see you play again soon!
James & James think you guys are swell!
Needs more cowbell less vocal.
You guys rocked the battle of the bands last night pretty hard
i love you guys. not only does everyone play every instrument they absolutely SHRED it! nice people too even when there is only 12 people listening at the industry. :] You deserve to be heard!!!
Seems like you all disappeared for a while! Nice to hear you're back at it. Hope you'll be back in Dubuque for the summer!
also 7/4 meter ftw!
hey guys i love to here from you even here in germany :) awesome what you guys too keep up the good work... claudius
got a play in there from Iraq...see you guys when i get back home! ~dan
7/4 time...nice.
Amazing Band even cooler people. Love you guys
save ME! from circumcision
Your music puts a smile on my face... It makes me proud that I live here...
saw you guys in iowa at INDUSTRY. amazing show. river's HOT!!!!!
i loved ur song. i hope all ur music is as wonderful as The City. also i think everyone who's left an insulting comment is either jealous tone deaf ar just has awful taste in music. good luck to you!
Hey guys I was one of the 15 people at the Industry for your show a few weeks ago I absolutely love your stuff. Keep up the good work. I hope to see you guys live again soon!
If you have facebook and want to support River and the Tributaries go to: and invite all of your friends!!
you guys are wayyy too talented to not get a freaking record deal. im crossin my fingers for all of you!
amazing. amazing. amazing. you're recordings are great..but the live show was the perfect. Just amazing.
pretty good
great stuff as always guys fingers crossed
great song I really liked it.
your guys are like the cream on top of pie!! and i sure do love that cream
it's great hearing you!
nice comments! i'm very proud of all of you!
waiting for the video and the introduction!
Love it!
this is awesome!!! CONGRATS ALL!!! im listening to this like 50 times a day!!! its nice and catchy!!
you guyz are awesome!!!
I love Chad Knight too.
Same here... he's hot stuff
Griff dog...your Wisconsin uncle has voted! Need a manager? :)
Hey from Scoochie Mama
I have one of your cd's i actually listen to it quite a bit i hope you guys win
I love you.
Keep listening tell EVERYONE YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS and have them listen as well! We need YOUR help everyone thanks so much for listening and spreading the word we really want to win this! -River and the Tributaries
You go Griffen! uncle mike
I LOVE YOU GUYS. w000 and chad knight- stop posting I LOVE CHAD KNIGHT we all know its you =p
Love you guys Love the drunken girl <3
Griffen your mom sent me this link. Your band is very catchy! Good luck to you. :) September
Hi Y'all I know Griffen's Dad & Mom and live in Dubuque. Good do a good job! -- Kay Munson
You guys should put an introduction and video up! Great song excellent band good luck!
You go Griffen! totes
Way to go Griffen! Best of luck to you guys - You sound AWESOME!! Will pass this on. GO STATE! Jean Noel - Dubuque IA.
If you have facebook and want to support River and the Tributaries go to: and invite all of your friends!!
I'm proud of all your accomplishments. Keep it up see you soon! Love you guys. Love Leigh-Anne
No video no intro hard to vote...I will try to log back in again soon. Wendy in Anthem (Friend of Pat Marrs)
Thank you everyone! The key is to tell all your friends and relatives and to use as many computers as possible yourself. Slow and steady wins the race!!! ~Scott
Dear Wendy in Anthem Please log back on tomorrow morning as we are recording our video tonight and will post it just as soon as we can! Sorry for the delay we're networking like crazy to get people to listen and spread the word. Thanks for your interest and if you guys want something else to watch log on to tonight and watch a live ustreaming of River and the Tributaries from our house! It's a great to spend time between pressing play on this site! Thanks again! -The Tribs
Wow!!!!! Amazing! Wonderful sounds.
wow this whole time i've been listening to asper kourt but you guys are way better than them! add one more to your fans ;)
A mi me gusta River.... see you in espanol buddy
watch them now live at ... for real this very instant they're playing an online gig. that's how cool they are!
Spread the word these guys really are waaay better than Asper Kourt and they deserve to win! They need our help folks let's do this up right! The River and the Tributaries Fan Club JOIN US TOGETHER AS ONE!
It looks like this competition goes for about two months so let's make a difference early on to show that we want River and the tributaries to win. I know that will be telling everyone I know and listening everyday!!!
main singer's voice sounds like he's straining. why are there random "uh!"'s in the background repeating guitar strums un-timed percussion and "yee-hahs"?? strange. no bueno.
Wow Asper Kourt is way better than these guys. No question.
Just super!
ah! i hope you guys win!!!
Outstanding! Hope River and the Tributaries win!
Yall can count on DBQ!!
Love you guys! Asper Kourt's got nothin' on ya
still looking for the video but that's not stopping me from voting! Hang in there! You guys deserve to win! Mom (guess whose?)
no wait asper court does have somethin on ya its called VOTES!!!
well sorry you lost my vote asper kourt is better but ill say you are better than so long pluto sorrrry guys
This has some intricate instrumental bits - very pleasing!
...enough of this hate mail from asper court! aren't they a christian band?(love thy neighbor?)
You guys have so much to offer! more than these people know! best of luck!
Ignore those negative comments. pretty ridiculous. Wish you guys the best! Rock out Tribs!
Do they add the plays right away or do they do it on a daily basis? I don't see them adding mine when I come here.
you're the best!
yo dudes just stoppin by to show some love and respect and to try to put an end to the junk mail that we are all gettin. we (asper kourt) dont condone it. you guys are a great band! Hope to play a show down the road some day! -kevin
yeah this is Nate from Asper Kourt and I personally think this song is freakin ill! Sorry guys for the bad comments we apologize. and i'm with Kevin I'd love to play a show with you guys if we ever make it out to Iowa! Good luck!
Seeing Riv and The Tribs live is like watching a child being born.
Hey all of you guys! I haven't heard your latest music but you guys are still creating some really good pieces!! Oh and this is Ike aka Isaac Dolan from high school remember me? haha I wish you all luck with your future endeavors all of you will go far.
I still love Chad Knight.
i think the mom comment was way off base. get some class
Griffen this so fantastic! Congratulations! Love Aunt Pat
Looks like you guys are in third. Keep up the good work! And everyone keep playing the song! Iowa represent.
¡Bueno suerte! ¡Espero que Río y Los Tributarios ganen! Hasta luego
It's a good thing you guys did that talent show at Senior..
Band: I thought it was great. Don't listen to the negative green is ugly.
Music sounds great. Good job Griffin!!!! Your dad is so proud of u.
This song has been stuck in my head all day good stuff
Grant your so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i went to high school with you guys and i'd have to say ur pretty freakin amazing! -Katie L.
Whoever loves me thank you but this is neither the time nor the place. I have a Facebook wall for that. RATT: You're the bee's knees.
i demand more bluegrass love Abi
Grant A. = the 1000th play ;)
Seriously annoyed at this system...I swear it isn't counting my plays. But I'm still voting!!
yNjoXT nk]
sick nasty keep rippin' it guys stemp
its not counting mine either. I think you should tell someone about this...
Why don't my plays get counted??????? Are the going to the other band??? You should find out whats going on. You guys are great!!!!!!!!
Hey guys! Keep rockin!!!! I'm voting for you!!! =D ~Stacia
Still voting! At least technically apparently they aren't counting. Keep it up!
plays are definitely not going up when i click play AND refresh
good shit :) - farb
this is very enjoyful music!
you can only vote once from each computer this way one person can't vote for the same band a hundred times. we designed it this way. sorry. keep up the good work guys. so far you're one of songjoust's favorites.
wow you guys are really good!
wow you guys are AMAZING... congrats on the new fan!!