I LOVE YOU TERRY!!!!!! love rae
Awesome song.
Awesome song.
amazing love it!
Awesome song guys!
i love you jordan earles. i hope you see this! and i hope you know who its from. go with your first guess. youre probably right :)
Great Job guys Thanks for the inspiration today. Geaux Jordan I'm going to your myspace to learn more. God bless!
Good Luck Jordon! passing the link on to friends
I really liked it guys. Really mellow and just...relaxing. If you ever decide you want a website hit me up - kevin@thatscriptguy.com - I'd be happy to talk about doing it at-cost for you.
Hey Jordan. AWESOME SOUND...AWESOME LYRICS...AWESOME SONG...AND SOME REALLY AWESOME VOCALS!! (Wow don't think I've ever said "awesome" that many times in a row!! lol). Anyway we will be praying that you will be avail to play our upcoming father/son youth motocross camp again!! (sorry for rain-out!) We are rescheduled for May 30th-31st just check out www.g2gmotox.com for more details. Later Rowdy
HEY TERRY! im whitney landons bestest friend! i hope you win. i like the song :] its calm and laid back :]
whats up cuz!!! awesome hope yall win JEROMY-JED
Jordan - good luck! I love you!! ~Jacquelyn
Terry this is really good yall deserve to win! Goodluck! -kayla c
Nice job guys. Good luck. -Light Trigger
You guys are great! I cant wait to see you on the David letterman show! I know you are going to hit it big! Jordan your voice is so wonderful. I am so proud of you. I know you all will win. Y'all Jam!I love you! Hugs and Kisses Britty
wow. yall are it. gonna take it home. best of luck.
Drew Why don't you get Quinn Miller to do a video for you? Ya'll did great. Love Miss Claudia
Drew Great! Excited for you. Miss Sylvia
Wow you guys are really good hope ya'll win. love and miss you Jessica
That last comment was for Terry forgot to put his name.
way to go J you really are doing well i'll be listening for your first album release date! I better get a free cd.---Seth
sounds great drew. best of luck to you and the band. -ms debbie at dunham
What a great sound! Love you Drewby! Mom
love the song terry and chris! been voting for yall! -lyndsey
i LOVE YALL jordan u r awesome -tommy-
Yall are sweet go get em Kris yall got it in the bag- Your cuz Sean
Jordan honey I am so proud of you! You can't imagine just how much. You have such a beautiful voice soulful and yearning. I can still see a sweet darling almost 2-year-old standing on his Aunt Knoel's coffee table singing and dancing one Easter. I can't remember what song it was your daddy had taught you but you were a star then just as you're a star now. Shine on Baby shine on! Love you always Aunt Kara
This is an awsome song. Excellent work
YEEEEAH!Jordan man this is so awesome.Love what your doing and your band is great.- Josh Hardnett
Hey Jordan. Many thanks to you and your awesome band-mates for playing G2G camp this year. You guys rocked and your spiritual message to our camp kids was just what God wanted them to hear. Still loving this song and the other incredible songs on your www.myspace.com/align08 page. I'll keep spreading the word about this competition. Later Rowdy