Wow... Amazing how a small town in central wisconsin is capable of being a birthing ground for something far more creative than some of these pretentious city-slicker colleges.
killer... everytime.
outstanding vocals....originalseductive.
love your song....keep singing!
killer vocals killer keys killer everything...good luck!
Totally Rockin!!!
nicely done
great voice.. the singer sounds amazingly hot
hanna my dearyou are stunning.
Grand job on liking the jazzy/311 type of feel.cant wait to see where you guys will end up.keep up the sauciness.
Love the mellow sound of this tune sweet vocals nice groove on the skins
I'm a Stones fan but I can easily rock with this great sound and beat!!
nothing short of sexy. ps. the singer IS amazingly hot
jGxU5Z nk]
I wish I could vote more than once. Love the song love the album cover and LOVE that singer.
I must hear more. When will your video come out?
Luke/Hanna/and the BBF.....great song....great story...and a relevant sound better than anything else I heard on the guys killed it. DW Rause
AMAZING...i want the cd :D